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This is my blog dedicated to the US womens national team. i should add that i DONT play soccer. my other blog is, and remeber, Liebe.

so today they leave for London. To try and win their 3rd Straight Olympic Gold Medal. 

But a year ago, the USA fell in love with a woman’s head, and the game of women’s soccer.

But even more importantly, 13 years ago, on this exact date; 90,000  people packed the Rose Bowl, and watched Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy and the rest of that special ‘99 World Cup Team. and 13 Years ago, the United States WOMEN’S national team, saw the game of women’s soccer change for the better. From virtually unknown, to the biggest things since sliced bread (and no wambach pun intended). 

So here is to the date of July 10th, in United States Women’s Soccer History. Because if either of the two events wouldn’t have happened, there would be no USWNT fandom.

So here’s to the 'Best Team you have never heard of'

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